Click ‘n Dig Key Finder online in Pakistan

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What International media won’t tell you about #Pakistan?

Pakistan may be one of the most misunderstood countries around. What most people don’t see is what lies beyond the media coverage, highlighting just the challenges the country is facing today.A video with facts about Pakistan, which international media is not sharing with us.

امید ہمت اور خود اعتمادی
میرے ہم وطنوں کیلئے یہی میرا پیغام
۔ قائداعظم محمد علی جناح

So #Shaheen’s what are you planning to do to make Pakistan a Better Place?

Hope for Pakistan

How to buy from global retailers such as AMAZON, EBay and Wal-Mart in Pakistan

How to buy from global retailers such as AMAZON, EBay and Wal-Mart in Pakistan
E-commerce industry in Pakistan is rapidly growing. It’s pretty common in countries like the U.S, the U.K, Australia, parts of Europe and Asia; not to forget, our neighbor India. With a rapid expansion of Pakistani online retailers in the past two to three years, our country is looking forward towards a bright future of e-commerce in the coming days. The main purpose of writing this article is to create awareness in Pakistani people about web purchases. Are you sick and tired of looking here and there? Not getting what you want, longing for vendors to open up their centers in your country so that you can enjoy imported products in Pakistan, still unable to get Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and sears etc products in your hometown at your door step. The question that now arises is who sells Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, sears and other vendors in Pakistan? How is it possible for me to buy global retailers items in my city?


1 Online Ecommerce Dealers do not Cater Pakistani Consumers

Amazon, E bay, Walmart and sears do not ship to Pakistan. Yeah! What a bummer. Amazon ships to UK, USA, Canada, and Australia and even in India. But what if a Pakistani national needs to buy something from these companies? Well! Believe it or not, there is no direct means by which you can get a hold of these big Guns. No Sir! Not possible! No dealership at all. I’ll make it real simple here; no matter how hard it is for you to digest it. Amazon ain’t gonna deliver anything in Pakistan, same goes the case for Wal-Mart ,eBay ,sears and many more International retailers .

2 Payment Methods 

Although Amazon allows us Pakistanis to make an account on Amazon and others accept credit card payments and will also serve you if have a PayPal account .But wait a second! There is no PayPal facility in Pakistan and Pakistani cards are not catered in terms of payment and service .Duh! What is the point of making an account when you literally can’t get anything out of it. Another barrier. Damn!

3 International Shipping

OK! I hope everyone knows that international shipping in Pakistan is a big pain in the neck and seriously I mean it .You don’t wanna fade out by listening to highly expensive custom duties that will rip off your pocket. Literally how can a middle class person afford that much, and to put the cherry on the top taxes and surcharges are additional. Something really needs to be done so that we could enjoy the same commodities that western people enjoy.

What we need

  • A reliable and cost effective service for imports
  • Easy payment options
  • Damaged or incomplete items to replaced or refunded
  • In time delivery
  • Discounts and deals
  • Original products
  • No hidden charges

And now it’s time to answer the MILLION dollar question for Pakistanis who wish to purchase Amazon, eBay and many other US products in Pakistan.

My personal experience with Shopping through an online store in Pakistan

Doctor advised my mum Solgar Vitamin B6 Tablets, 50 mg .It seemed impossible for me to find that medicine as it is an imported US product and was unavailable in Pakistani medical stores. I wanted a high quality product within my budget. Then began my journey of finding a perfect online store that can serve the purpose with providing quality services within my pocket range without compromising on product excellence. Although the product is available on Amazon, but guess what? Amazon does not ship to Pakistan what a disappointment! I went through a lot of Pakistani web sites that offer online service for purchases, but unfortunately they were too pricy and expensive.

amazon and ebay products in pakistanAfter some days of detailed research I came across, which offers all Amazon eBay products in Pakistan with free home delivery, payment upon arrival, no hidden charges and serves 100% original items. At first I wasn’t much impressed as I thought it would be the same as others but later on I saw that their rates were quite reasonable. So I gave it a shot, ordered my stuff, got the delivery within time, paid at my door step, and I’m done with it .I never had to face any hassle in ordering. I would personally recommend to all, as its services are outstanding. Thank you StoreMass for helping me get a US based product in Pakistan without any difficulty. 🙂

Online shopping: A viral in Pakistan

Home based shopping is the western popular way to shop; it’s a quite normal thing for them to do. This trend was flourished among western people long ago, but at that time online shopping was in no way feasible for Pakistan. But now many of European trends are coming to east, online shopping is one of them. Pakistanis are very much aware of e-commerce now many of our businesses rely on it. From a kid to a house hold lady everyone has access and knowledge of the internet uses, that’s the reason online shopping gained enormous popularity in the past few years, this trend is gaining trust day by day in Pakistan. The younger generation has been the early adopters of online shopping in Pakistan; most websites today target the younger generation with their interface designs and marketing campaigns.

online store in PakistanA number of online shopping websites are providing its services, many new initiatives and businesses have been launched online; the numbers are getting higher and higher.

Reasons this trend is getting popular

The main reason this trend is getting popular is that e-commerce not only saves your time, it also gives you a more diverse range of options to choose from. All these online transactions can be carried out without leaving the comfort of your home or without facing the hassle of going to market. You can simply visit different online stores in Pakistan do the survey and compare the offerings and pricing and can choose the reasonable product among all instead of spending your precious time in different shops one by one. It also gives visual information to make the selection easy for everyone.

online shopping saves times and moneyAnother reason people like this trend is that the product you order is delivered to you within 2-3 weeks. There are many online stores in Pakistan now which delivers latest fashion products straight to your home. The company offers products of multiple international and national brands, providing the customers with a good mix to choose from.

Risk of Home based shopping

No doubt everything comes with the risk; in online shopping payment is still a challenge in Pakistan. Unavailability of online credit card services by all banks, add fuel to fire. There are several website which are providing their service so we can avoid these payment issues like StoreMass, It brings the solution for Pakistani people that they can shop from any international retailer such as Amazon, eBay or walmart Etc, It delivers the same product that you choose on amazon with the much easier payment procedure.

Other problems you face in online shopping is satisfaction, you may not feel Satisfied with the product once you see it in your hand, there can be delivery problems or shipping charges.

online shopping in pakistanBut in spite of all draw backs this trend is still emerging in our culture, because it’s not only convenient way for buyer but also a profitable way for business as well, like the majority of sites do not pay return shipping if you have to send something back, so it often costs you more money than you planned to spend if you need to exchange an item, most online retailers do not refund shipping costs. Moreover, you publicize your products with a simple click without investing big amount on your shop decoration and all. Other than that many times it happens that one doesn’t have any plan to go for shopping but when they find some good stuff on the internet they purchase. By offering special discounts, promoting your website on different pages, you increase the sale of your items which is a healthy thing for a businessman.

As things going it seems Pakistan will become next hub for online shopping, in spite of its drawbacks people are admiring this trend, it won’t be wrong if we say the new viral in Pakistan is online shopping.